Sport’s Most Unlikeable Team

To all My Loyal and Un-Loyal Readers: When I think of most unlikeable teams, the NFL’s Cincinnatti Bengals always come to mind.  Every year they seem to field a team populated by members of the …Read More


UFC 149 Predictions

Tonight is UFC 149 live from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In the main event for the UFC Interim Bantamweight Championship, it’s Renan Barao vs “The California Kid” Urijah Faber. The original main event was scheduled to …Read More

Make The Deal

There’s an NBA superstar on the trade block and your team should go get him. There’s a price to be paid, obviously, and though it might feel like a king’s ransom, the return is worth …Read More

The Monday Night Raw Review (999th Episode) for July 16, 2012

This is the 12th installment of THE MONDAY NIGHT REVIEW Number 999th episode, one week to the historic 1,000th Raw episode! I am doing this review little differently this week since I’m doing this late in …Read More


The Fenton Report: Texas Rangers/LA Angels Preview. What’s at stake?

THE ENTIRE SEASON HINGES ON THIS SERIES!! Or it’s just 3 games out of 162. Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre, and Yu Darvish go toe to toe with Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo, and Jered Weaver at …Read More

Top 10 Things that will Happen on WWE’s “Raw 1,000th” Event

As the big event approaches, there are a few things that I anticipate happening on WWE’s “Raw 1,000th”  This event is a huge milestone, and Vince & Co. will likely not be holding anything back …Read More


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The Fenton Report: Grading the Rangers vs the Athletics

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Enough is Enough of “Super” Cena!

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The Most Under-rated Player in MLB History

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The Fenton Report: What to do with Dez

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